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The inspiration behind the brand was simple. There’s been a flurry of dope designs on shirts recently…you know, like cool alien designs (well, we prefer using the acronym “E.T.” to describe our cosmic partner friends) but the problem has been that the shirts have sucked!

Our inspo was simple – we were sick of seeing cool designs on a 100% cotton stiff shirts.

Here’s what you can expect from us … dope designs, fashionable garments and giving back to some of our favorite non-profits that are making a difference to build the “New Earth” and raise our collective consciousness fro this fallen state we’ve been in for thousands of years.

… put another way – we’re here to spread good vibes through clothing … it’s all so simple…

The Team Behind So Good Shirts

Sam Kabert _ Keynote Speaker _ SOUL/Life Balance

Sam Kabert



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